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No Bridge Is Too Far: A Tribute

The Bridge at Beede Falls, Mj Pettengill
The Bridge at Beede Falls, Mj Pettengill

It's essential to honor those who have impacted our lives along the way. I try to keep this in mind each day. This way of life is the core of my work.

Sometimes, we are unaware (in real-time) of just how important some of these people are in the scope of our existence and in reaching our goals.

Recently, I learned that Lael Morgan had passed away. She was instrumental in my taking this path in my writing journey. I owe much to her.

After a negative experience with a publisher, she encouraged me to pick myself up, release what had become somewhat of a disaster, and self-publish.

She told me I may not have planned on going that route, but it was that or losing years of hard work regarding the 298.

This undertaking was somewhat terrifying. In graduate school, for my MFA in Creative Writing, self-publishing was a stigma. So much has changed. My discussions with Lael were far from candy-coated. It was about taking the reins, being tough, and doing what you must do. She was direct and knowledgeable. She was an angel who appeared at the right time. I am grateful for her role in my life and her contribution to the world.


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