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Honor the "Elderly"

(I Insist)

Farmer and Children, Library of Congress, WPA
Farmer and Children, Library of Congress, WPA

Some of you may know that I facilitate various workshops and teach. It is a way of life for me. One of the more recent workshops I facilitate is the" Honoring Elders Project." It is an ongoing group of people who meet to share and hear stories told by elders. A few years ago, I realized that many elders drift off and vanish in the shadows. What a crime!

We, as a species, have lost touch with the art of sharing, singing, dancing, and storytelling. We are cut off from our ancestors, our past, and previous events that, with or without our consent or knowledge, are passed on to us. It doesn't begin with us. Use your compass if necessary.

Knowing the stories of those who came before us is essential to the listeners (future generations) and the narrator because their lives and experiences are valid. Who knows? We may learn a thing or two.

We may figure out why something triggers us or why we are so good at something we never knew was a skill in our family history. The storyteller may unlock possible unknown mysteries that they have carried deep within. We are humans.

When we stop sharing and caring, we are in trouble.

There were cultures, tribes, and societies in our distant and not-too-distant past that not only honored their wise elders but they honored the feminine too. My ancestors' council consisted of wise elders. I would be deeply honored to sit amongst them, if only as an observer. And if only for a brief passing of time.

The Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine were balanced, united as One. We are currently navigating the bumpy, dark, unknown pathway to healing this dilemma. We may not remember, but we do know our way in the dark. Maintain faith.

So, much of the content of my writing is connected to elders. I am a social historian and healer. I will not only use the term "ELDERS," but I will celebrate it and them.

Editing Software Suggestion, Screenshot
Editing Software Suggestion, Screenshot

My editing software has strongly urged me to consider using another term instead of "Elder" or "Elderly" because it may offend some of the population.


The same is true for the term "POOR."

It is not going away.

As a wordsmith, I see these suggestions getting more absurd each day. It's called censorship.

I proclaim (once again) that I will stand in my truth.

God bless you.

And if you are an elder, double the blessings. You are honored.


© Daisyfields Press 2023 NOTE: Future meetings of the Honoring Elders Project will be posted and shared.

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