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                                                  ATTENTION BOOK CLUBS
It’s wonderful to meet with people who have read my books and want to learn more.  Book club members enjoy finding out about what inspired the story and characters, along with gaining insight beyond what they get from reader discussions alone.  
Contact me via the website for more information and to schedule a visit. I will travel within a reasonable distance, host Skype events, or accept telephone chats with book clubs.

Contact me if your organization is interested in hosting a lecture,  presentation, reading, and/or signing event.
I can be reached via this website, email, or contacted by telephone as indicated.

Etched in Granite Historical Fiction Series

Moving forward in time with Samuel, Sarah, Bess, Caesar, and the others... 
Stay tuned to this space for more details as the story is crafted, soon to be on the page.



December 12th and 13th ~ 10:00 - 3:00

Where? In my studio, Marigold Moon Wildcraft Apothecary.

In addition to signed copies of my books, I will have artisan wildcrafted products - "Merries," as Abigail and the others would say. This includes the medicinal plants we read about in the EIG Series, aligned with Nellie and my Native traditions.


620 North Sandwich Road, North Sandwich NH

Saturday and Sunday

All Books Available at Events

Due to the present circumstances, and for the greater good, many events have been canceled.

I am using my time wisely, writing blogs and continuing to craft the next novel in the series: "The Crows' Path."

If you haven't caught up with all three novels in the series, now is a good time to do so. All Books Available in various platforms, online in print and e-book format. Ordering information is here, on this website.

At this time, I am busy writing the first draft of The Crows' Path: Book Four in the EIG Series.  The characters continue to lead the way in this incredible journey. We are finally moving forward in time. So many surprises await.

Book Discussion / Signing
Meredith, NH Public Library TBA 


Book Discussion / Signing 
Ossipee, NH Public Library


Book Signing
Country Seller Book Store
Wolfeboro, NH


Are you interested in the wild plant medicine presented in "Etched in Granite?" 
Although Nanatasis (Nellie) does not speak aloud, her profound wisdom shines through. Many of the plant medicines and remedies expressed in her narrative are available at my studio, Marigold Moon Wildcraft Apothecary and North Sandwich Tea.
I walk amongst my ancestors, hearing their whispers, learning the healing path.
For more information, contact me.

~ Mj Pettengill ~

In addition to being featured at historical societies, bookstores, literary clubs, and libraries, please be reminded that I am scheduling educational programs. The material covered in the EIG Historical Fiction Series is appropriate for most junior and senior high school students. I have two specific programs designed; one is literary and the other is historical. I have participated as a presenter at college conferences and facilitate historical fiction workshops. 

 Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Scribd, Kindle, Blio, etc. and library outlets click here 

           Etched in Granite
          Historical Fiction Series - Books One & Two
       ~Available wherever books are sold ~ 
Check your local library.

Bayswater Book Co ~ 12 Main St., Center Harbor, NH

White Birch Books ~ 2568 White Mountain Hwy, North Conway, NH 


Innisfree Bookstore ~ Mills Falls Marketplace, Meredith NH

The Country Bookseller ~ 23 North Main St., Wolfeboro,  NH

Toadstool Bookshops ~ 3 Locations: Keene, Peterborough, Milford, NH ~ A Community of Independent Bookstores

Norwich Bookstore  ~ 291 Main St., Norwich, VT

The Belknap Mill ~ 25 Beacon St., Laconia, NH

Tilton Outlet.jpg

Book Warehouse  at the Tanger Outlets, Tilton NH

Willow Pond Antique Store, 12 Main Street, Center Sandwich, NH

Sandwich Home Industries, Main Street, Center Sandwich, NH

Operating From The Wound  
I was a guest speaker on:  "Native Opinion" Podcast Show on April 6th.
The interview focused on the vital aspects of acknowledging our history which has been grossly edited and systematically omitted from standard records, books, and our memories and recollections; the significance of reclaiming our voices through cultural narrative; and collective and intergenerational trauma integration. 
I discussed the process of discovery, resistance, stigma, and fear surrounding my books in the "Etched in Granite Historical Fiction Series" and how the healing has finally begun.


Guest Speaker - Book Club                                           January 29, 2020                                       Belknap Mill, Laconia, NH

Reading/ Discussion/ Signing - DFTT                        January  26, 2020                              Samuel Wentworth Library, Sandwich NH

Book Release / Meet and Greet                                  January 18, 2020                                  Book Warehouse, Tilton Outlet Mall (NH)

Reading/ Signing - EIG (1)                                           January 15, 2020                                    Moultonborough, NH Library

Book Launch Party - Down from the Tree                December 15, 2019                               Bayswater Books, Center Harbor

Book Release - Down from the Tree                         December 10th, 2019                                 Fryeburg Public Library  (ME)

Christmas in the Village                                          December 7th & 8th, 2019                      12 Main Street, Center Sandwich, NH

Book Signing - Bayswater Book Store                     November 30, 2019                                        Center Harbor, NH

Reading / Signing - The Angels' Lament                   October 19, 2019                                      Fryeburg Public Library  (ME)

Book Talk / Signing - Book Club Guest                        July 25, 2019                                      Meredith, NH - Public Library

Book Talk / Signing - Samuel Wentworth Library     July 23, 2019                                            Center Sandwich, NH

Book Signing - Bayswater Book Store                       July 20, 2019                                             Center Harbor, NH

Valley Vision TV / Interview                                         July 17, 2019                                                 Fryeburg, Maine

Book Club Guest                                                             June 25, 2019                                          Private - Moultonboro, NH 

Literary Club  Speaker / Host Meredith Public Library   January 31, 2019                                   Meredith, NH

Book Signing - Book Warehouse                                December 22, 2018                                         Tilton, NH

Book Signing - Christmas in the Village -                  December 1 & 2, 2018                                Center Sandwich, NH

Signing / Discussion - Madison Historical Society   September 20, 2018                                   Madison, NH


Signing / Discussion - Belknap Mill Society          September 19, 2018                                         Laconia, NH

Signing / Discussion - Conway Public Library      September 12, 2018                                        Conway, NH

Guest Speaker - Private Book Club                          September 11, 2018                                          Meredith, NH


Book Signing - Bayswater Book Co                          August 18, 2018                                            Center Harbor, NH

Signing/ Discussion - Meredith Public Library      August 7, 2018                                              Meredith, NH

The Art of Wild Tea - Workshop - Wildcraft / Book Discussion - Wolfeboro Library,   July 11   Wolfeboro, NH

Wildcraft Healing Workshop - "What's in Nellie's Cup - Etched in Granite" June 30, 2018  North Sandwich, NH

Local Author Book Fair - Conway Public Library   April 14, 2018                                              Conway, NH

Book Signing - The Book Loft                               March 9, 2018                                              Fernandina Beach, FL 

Signing/ Discussion - White Birch Books          February 25, 2018                                         North Conway, NH                 

Book Launch Event - Bayswater Book Co              January 28, 2018                                         Center Harbor, NH

Signing  / Christmas in the Village                     December 2 & 3                                         Center Sandwich, NH


Private Literary Circle Discussion                     November 14, 2017                                                 Bristol, NH

Presentation, Reading, Signing                           August 15, 2017                                           Ossipee Historical Society, Ossipee NH

Lecture & Presentation                                         August 9, 2017                                             Carroll County Board of Commissioners

Presentation, Reading, Signing                           July 27, 2017                                                 Center Harbor   NH   Historical Society

Book Signing / Bayswater Books                         July 8, 2017                                                    Center Harbor, NH

Monument Dedication Ceremony                      June 17, 2017                                                        Ossipee, NH

Guest Speaker / Private Book Club                     April 3, 2017                                                       Wolfeboro, NH

Guest Speaker / Private Book Club                     March 9, 2017                                                     Laconia, NH

Guest Speaker / Private Book Club                     February 9, 2017                                                Plymouth, NH

Guest Speaker / Private Book Club                     January  11, 2017                                               Plymouth, NH

Reading                                                                   November 1, 2016                                        Mountainview / Ossipee, NH 

Book Signing / Bayswater Books                         October 8, 2016                                          Center Harbor, NH

Guest Speaker / Private Book Club                      September 21, 2016                                    North Sandwich, NH

Presentation, Reading, Signing                            September 12, 2016                                    Belknap Mill, Laconia, NH


Presentation, Reading, Signing                            September 8, 2016               Sponsored by: Wakefield Parish Helpers, Wakefield NH

Private Book Club Event, Meet the Author        August 24, 2016                                               Meredith,  NH


Book Signing & Meet the Author                         August 13, 2016                          Bayswater Book Co., Center Harbor, NH


Artisans on The Green - Signing                         August 11, 2016                                       Sandwich NH -  Home Industries

Radio Show - Guest Appearance                         July 19, 2016  107.7 FM                               107.7 FM Talk Radio

Meet the Author                                                    July 11, 2016                                    Moultonboro  NH Historical Society

Book Signing  & Meet the Author                       June 9, 2016                                  Bayswater  Book Co.  Center Harbor, NH

Private Book Club Event, Meet the Author       June 15, 2016                                                 Center Harbor, NH

Presentation, Reading, Signing                           May 22, 2016                                    Woodstock, Vermont Historical Society

Meet the Author, Discussion                              May 19, 2016                                                   Private Book Club, Wolfeboro, NH

Presentation, Reading, Signing                          May 18, 2016                                              Sandwich, NH Historical Society

Presentation, Reading, Signing                          May 17, 2016                                                Gilford, NH Public Library

Presentation, Reading, Signing                          May 10, 2016                                     Wakefield / Brookfield (NH)  Historical Society

Book Signing & Meet the Author                       April 30, 2016                                        Innisfree Book Store, Meredith, NH

Book Signing & Reading                                     March  25, 2016                                 Charlotte County Historical Center, Port Charlotte, FL

Book Signing & Reading                                     January 5, 2016                                       Meredith Public Library - Meredith, NH
Book Signing & Reading                                    December 11th  2015                                      Madison Public Library - Madison, NH

Book Signing & Meet the Author                     Dec. 5th & 6th  2015                                                               Christmas in the Village
                                                                                                                                                            Sandwich NH - Historical Society
Book Signing & Reading                                   December 3, 2015                                     Samuel H. Wentworth Library, Sandwich, NH
Book Signing & Reading                                   November 12, 2015                                               New Boston Historical Society


Book Signing & Reading                                   November 10, 2015                                         Wolfeboro Library - Wolfeboro, NH


Book Signing                                                      November 7, 2015                                         The Country Bookseller - Wolfeboro,  NH


Book Signing & Reading                                  October 19, 2015                                                   Ossipee Public Library - Ossipee, NH


Book Signing                                                     October 10, 2015                                       Bayswater Book Co. - Center Harbor, NH

Book Signing                                                     September 26, 2015                                          White Birch Books - North Conway, NH


Book Signing / Discussion                              September 14, 2015                                   Moultonboro NH Historical Society Open House


Book Signing  & Reading                                August 7, 2015  7:00 pm                                                  Moultonboro NH Historical Society


Book Signing  & Discussion                           August 4, 2015 ~  2:00                                Madison NH Historical Society - Old Home Week


Book Signing                                                    August 1, 2015     11:00 - 1:00                                      Bayswater Books ~  Center Harbor, NH  


Book Signing and Tea                                     July  25, 2015                             Marigold Moon Wildcraft & Apothecary,   No Sandwich, NH  

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