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Exploring the Tranquil Elegance of Wild Violet Petals: A Magical Journey

Marya of the Wood

Wild Violet Petals
Wild Violet Petals

Have you ever seen a violet? I mean, seen it up close. Have you actually looked at it? I thought I had, but until today, I had not, which is somewhat of a surprise. I have been crafting syrups, baked goods, decorations, and medicine from this enduring plant for a long time. 

I have always marveled at this wild flower’s beauty, resilience, and untamed sweetness, yet today was the first time I saw it. Like other plants and generally unseen beings perceived as backdrops or scenery for humans, the flower petal appears to tell a story. What could it be?

I am careful to pick blossoms and all plant matter sparingly. It’s the wildcrafter’s promise to take only what you need, no more. Today, I chose a small number of blooms for a cookie recipe. Both purple and white flowers are present in the fields here, offering a speckled array against the greens and other spring wildflowers. I decided to gather a combination of both.

As I was removing the green from the base of the flower, I was taken aback by the intricate pattern on one or more of the petals. A white flower first captured my attention with what appeared to be a story in its delicate yet bold display. 

Like any magnificent work of art, the viewer maintains a personal response to it. I have spent many hours lost in great paintings and art from various eras and around the world. While beneath my feet are some of the most beautiful creations offered to us by Our Mother.

The vivid purple lines streaking along the white petal that captured my attention conjured an image of trees or plants growing from its base. It could also represent other wild plants growing in our midst. It is up to the viewer to determine the meaning as perceived.

Like snowflakes, no two violet petals are alike. The dark purple lines against the white background offer more distinction than the white on purple. This may be due to the flowering plants’ timeline. This is my interpretation. Like all art, it is personal.

White Violet Petal
White Violet Petal

After discovering this unplanned treasure, I quickly returned to the field to investigate. This is my unique journey as a fellow inhabitant of the land and one who owns her place in nature. I am not a botanist, but I know my way. I observe that each plant has its unique variety of patterns and colors. Some are without stripes; they vary. Like us, these flowers are quite distinctive with their own characteristics. 

As we have been told throughout history, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The violet is a prime example. I continue to express the significance of allowing Our Mother to show up as she intends. This practice has not disappointed me. I have learned so much in the process of trust on this level.

Suppose you comprehend the significance of allowing this expression to emerge and show itself. Consider refraining from digging and attacking these beauties with poison only to replace them with store-bought versions of flowers. When one thoughtlessly kills these flowers, something spectacular is missed. It may be too late this season, but there is hope for the next. 

I continue to honor and give thanks for the wild blessings that generously volunteer, showing up for the pollinators and us. If you have violets in your wild spaces, go ahead and look. You may comprehend a deeper meaning. Is there a story within the delicate petals expressed and waiting for discovery? I hope so. Be wild! Be well!

© Mj Pettengill, Author


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