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The Beauty of Yarrow

White Yarrow (CC0)
White Yarrow (CC0)

I honor the sacred blossoms of pink and white that grace the fields of Marigold Moon. However, I am especially drawn to the feathery leaves of Yarrow. They are both soft and delicate and look like lace or a feather.

The subtle beauty of the tiny white and deep pink flowers is not to be dismissed.

Tea, oils, liniments, balms, and tincture are crafted from both the sacred flower and leaf for a wide array of health benefits. Roots are used as well and are potent allies. White is traditionally preferred for medicine, and yellow and pink are for the sheer beauty of its being.

Yarrow is also known as "Soldiers Wort" as it works as a 'styptic' and coagulates bleeding wounds, hence a handy plant on the battlefields in times of old. It has come to the rescue many times in my home, which is far from a battlefield.

I have shared in previous offerings the benefits of Yarrow root in addressing dental and gum issues. That is a post in itself.

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Aug 12, 2023

Very rewarding to read your posts . I have taken this in winter for coughs and colds . Many people here in the UK no longer have a dentist so your advice is welcome. I did discover that the plant was brought to the UK by the Romans and named after Achilles ( his thousands flowers )

Aug 20, 2023
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If Yarrow could talk it would share it's tales of travel

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