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Where It All Began: Alumna Discovers Unmarked Graves

Unmarked Graves Discovered. Community Honors Paupers at 19th Century Site. County Farm.
Carroll County Farm Cemetery, Ossipee, NH, Honoring the 298, © Mj Pettengill

Greetings. I am featured in an article via Union Institute and University (formerly Vermont College). It is an honor to be acknowledged in this manner and an honor to share. (File and Link Below) The piece covers the early days of my journey reclaiming The Lost Souls. I am grateful to have trusted the process. The timing is appropriate as I continue the final editing process of The Crows’ Path, EIG (Book Four.) Nothing happens by accident. In Lak’ech Ala K’in (I am another yourself.) Mj I have included an image of the file and link below.

UI&U Article About Unmarked Graves Discovered by Alumna
Alumna Discovers Unmarked Graves, Mj Pettengill, Photos © Brenda Ladd Photography

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