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The Undreamed

(Mignon, Graphics Fairy)

"My dear one, once you have answered the call and walk with the ancients, there’s no turnin’ back. This responsibility—a gift—is unlike any other. You will have what you need. If darkness closes in on every corner, fear not, for you will hold fast to the light. In humble gratitude, you can and will lead the way. Honor and share, and leave room for that which is undreamed. Throughout eternity, may our souls not divide." ~ Abigail Hodgdon, June 17, 1878 ~ DOWN FROM THE TREE Etched in Granite Historical Fiction Series Book Three - COMING SOON! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So, you thought that you had said goodbye to Abigail? Well, in many ways, yes you did. However, there is a time that she glows in her mothering, the days in-between that did not fill the earlier pages. Many who we have come to know in the series, are not gone completely. No. They are recalled and remembered in the heart, spirit, eyes, and ears of a gifted young boy named Samuel.

Mj Pettengill, Author Etched In Granite Historical Fiction Series

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