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Rivers and Roads

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

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Lessons are like rivers and roads. They meander through our lives, leading us to places we may not have expected, or they bring us back home into our hearts. Sometimes we are not planning on returning home, but it is time. There are many possibilities.

I am grateful for the lessons that emerge along these unplanned journeys. There may be basic expectations, but making allowances for the unknown is essential. Of course, there is a certain level of risk involved, but this is universal. Be aware and welcome the learning.

I follow my instincts while remaining open to what is before me. It's vital to avoid barreling down a road or follow a meandering river without consulting our inner guides. But, we must allow room for chance as well.

This brings me to my profound experience. Words. They are powerful. At a recent event, I met a woman who was taken aback when she saw my book, "Down from the Tree."

Our connection was immediate and deepened by a synchronistic bond of music. Being in the middle of facilitating a book talk, we were unable to sit down and converse.

A few days later, we decided to get together. Lunch extended into dinner and beyond as we talked for about eight hours. Our stories were from different generations, yet they were eerily parallel. We both expressed many emotions and shared stories that needed to come up and out. It surprised us both, as we were perfect strangers. But were we?

This encounter initially came about because of the title of my book. My friend's life was forever changed when her loved one fell "down from the tree," meeting his tragic end.

I am honored to have met her. You know how I have written about being "undaughtered?" During the time that we were together, I was surrounded by warmth and love. She was a mother. I was a daughter. We were friends. It means everything.

Had I not followed her on the road that led to our union, I would have missed this remarkable encounter. We were together in our truths, which, for whatever reasons, were meant to be shared.


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