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Marya of the Wood: If You Need to Consult a Daisy

Daisy Fields, Mj Pettengill
Daisy Fields, Mj Pettengill

“The earth laughs in flowers.” ―Ralph Waldo Emerson

The daisies come when my wearied soul is adrift in unknown waters. When they first wave, it’s more than visual. There is a space in my heart where I imprint their promise and hold them to it. Their small tight buds—tiny coiled fists—are anything but a threat.

When tending to my feathered and furred friends early in the morning, I secretly scan the fields, checking the daisies’ progress. I give myself the gift of knowing that they are abundant and in full bloom by the last day of June, my birthday. I am special because they are here to celebrate me as I do them.

Of course, they are far from alone. There is an entire symphony of plants—some flowering, others not. They burst open in bud while rushing in to glorify the greening. We sing praises in unison, summoning all creatures to join us. The harmony of all fills me up. What was once crushed within begins to stir when I remember the melody that I carried all along. It was somewhat buried in the events of the day.

The more you pay attention, the more there is to acknowledge. Did you think that it is only you who benefits from earthing—immersing in the natural world? We belong to each other. We are not separate. What you do to the other— a plant or any being—you do to yourself. Most of us have learned this from several sources. All that dwell in the wild are aware of our presence. A simple look, word, or touch affects all. The give and take, the genuine connection is real.

Many studies have shown that plants, animals, and water respond to human activity. This includes words, intentions, thoughts, touch, or lack thereof.

Today, I am humbled as I honor the daisies. They are more than material for making chains or plucking to find out if he loves me or not. If you need to consult a daisy for that, you are better off not knowing. As far as the daisy? If you love it, it loves you back—magical, I know.

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