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From the Author's Pen: Quoting Nellie

Winter, River   CC0
Winter, River CC0

I created a new category for this blog. It consists of favorite quotes from the series. I will begin with Nanatasis. (Her Christian name is Nellie.) Although each character provides excellent insight, writing in Nellie's voice offered its own rich experience. It was helpful to have my own personal, profound connection to the outer world. I spend a great deal of time in the woods and fields of this sacred place that we call home. Do you have a favorite quote from the EIG series? I cannot choose one, but I will begin with this.

The song of the wind swept into the valley like a deep mourning chant. I waited for the vision that would carry me to dawn. Small branches tapped against the window of the big house, bringing me home to Cold River. —Nanatasis (Nellie Baldwin) December 1872, Carroll County Farm

Etched in Granite (Book One)


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