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Core Immunity Healing

Wildflowers, Tea, Healing
Wildflowers, Tea, Healing

After tying my bandana and applying "bug dope," my mother would say that the black flies, mosquitoes, and ticks were especially drawn to me. When I grew up and became a mother myself, I recalled those times and decided that it was because I was so sweet. 

This was during my early childhood when I lived in the village. Now, I'm back, but in North Sandwich, where it seems to be even buggier. Do I complain? Nope. Well, maybe a little. But when I feel complaints coming on, I quickly remind myself that it's buggy because of all the various forms of wild water and vegetation. Most of all, we don't spray harmful chemicals. After running that through my already-crowded head, I give thanks.

I am not new to venomous bites that result in an onslaught of antibiotics. A brown recluse spider initiated this whole deal. Now, while undergoing the treatment for Lyme, I am back on that road. There is good news. I discovered both the tick and the bite right away, and shazam, a truckload full of antibiotics at my service.

This time, I'm more prepared. I have already mentioned the pro and pre-biotics. Also, I have used both yarrow and chickweed as a poultice. When the adhesive of the bandage on my sensitive skin was becoming a problem, it was time to switch it up. 

After thoroughly cleaning the wound area, I applied raw organic honey, extending to the outer edges of where the gauze is to be applied. This works as a sort of glue. I also use an ace bandage to further secure it. I cannot express how much better this is. The healing is evident.

I must avoid the sun. So I go out early in the morning, when the shade is in my favor, and pick fresh red, pink, and white clover, saving some for drying and eating as I move along.  

I celebrate St John's Wort, as it began to blossom yesterday. Along with the fresh flowers, I gather plantain leaves, mullein, ground ivy, bright green hemlock fir tips, and whatever else captures my attention.

I have enjoyed the following tea blend. It is vital for strengthening and sustaining my immune system during this healing event.

Immunity Tea Blend

Clover Blossoms, Plantain, Yarrow, Ground Ivy, Spearmint, Usnea, Roasted Dandelion Root, Ground Ginger Root, Hemlock Fir Tips, Mullein Leaf, St John's Wort, Raw Organic Honey.  (I steep for at least twenty minutes.)

Because it is summer, and these plants are readily available, I am using fresh or one-day wilted material.

I have also been eating fresh chives. Did you know that chive blossoms are wicked intense? 

Chive Flowers, Bee
Chive Flowers, Bee

I am avoiding caffeine and sugar (and other things). I have cut my (amazing organic Cuban) coffee with chicory. It helps. I am drinking a ridiculous amount of water.

I do not have Japanese Knotweed here. It is well-known in the herbal community as a strong ally in treating and preventing Lyme Disease. I am getting some from a neighbor. This is for the future, not now, as I would not want to interfere with the allopathic medication that I am currently taking.

I plan on tincturing the roots to have on hand for the future. I will spend more time researching this detested, dreaded, invasive (miraculous) plant that seems to have mysteriously exploded where Lyme is running rampant. It's interesting how plants have that way about them. 

I'm optimistic. I believe that this is an invitation to rise to another level of knowing, helping, and healing. 


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