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A Sinner Prepares For Church: October 6, 1872

Abandoned Church, CCO
Abandoned Church, CCO

I was grateful for the time to share with those who thought well of us, especially dear Mr. Tibbetts; the main bent of his heart was to please Mother. My sinful disobedience brought much spiritual poverty upon me in recent months past. I longed for the time when God shined His candle about my head as in the days of my youth. I looked forward to goin’ to church. I was in want of spiritual refreshment and needed to escape from the humiliation caused by Mrs. Blake. She was kind in the presence of the folks at church, foolin’ everyone with her smile and plump, rosy cheeks. I was fooled myself until I saw what was inside of that doughy head of hers, and it was no sweet berries or sliced apples with cinnamon. Behind all that thick crust was pure evil. ~Abigail Hodgdon~ October 6, 1872~ Etched in Granite ~ Excerpt It is my mission to give voices to those silenced, to evoke images where they have been erased, and to replace numbers with names. During the early stage of exploration, I discovered the identities of more than 260 souls. They are listed at the end of the book. At this time, the crafting of the fourth book is in progress. Mj Pettengill

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04 oct 2020

I remember this passage. Thank you for reminding me of it.

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