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The Way Out is In: Can You Hear Me Now? (Reconsidered)

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Girl in the Forest
Girl in the Forest

I deleted the original post. I do not want to be perceived as being in a victim role. After sitting with this, I realized that I had not surrendered but gripped the wheel tighter. I often express the importance of replacing the question, Why me, with What can I learn from this? What is all of this about? I have had an ongoing struggle, over a decade, with the internet here. Last April, it went away completely. I now use my iPhone as a hotspot. It's challenging and, at times, I have been greatly discouraged. It takes hours to upload content, even small files. I am often unable to connect and stay connected. But it does not stop me.

Point of reference: Did I give up on the 298 when told that there were no records?

No, I did not. I am not one to give up. And there are many lessons in this experience. I must remain open to their emergence. As long as we remember that we live in a world of infinite possibilities, all is well. I am grateful to all who are aligned, support my work, and accept my offerings in the manner in which they are intended. I wish you peace and good health. Book Four on tap. (Photo: Creative Commons)

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Dec 18, 2020

MJ, I hear your frustration and I praise the gumption you have to stick with it. My response was not meant to be this long, but you conjured up a lot about some of my frustration.

You never give up, like me. There may be times when your frustrations hit that brick wall and your feel the war is lost. During those times when that happens, you may not think what I see. I see a woman strong, positive woman who can do anything. I see someone who sees the glass as half full much like myself.

For many years I had a tendency to attract toxic people to me. I have a big heart and that can get m…

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