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The Power of White Pine Needle Tea (Pinus Strobus)

White Pine, Pine Cones, Pine Needles, Northern White Pine
Eastern White Pine Needle Tea, White Pine, Wikimedia Commons

Marya of the Wood

Eastern White Pine needles are loaded with large amounts of vitamin C, released in hot water. Therefore, optimal health is attainable if Eastern White Pine is rooted and not on the back of a massive logging truck.

It is the same with Hemlock Needles. For those who have missed the memo, trees are essential to life.

There are countless basic methods to enjoy the health benefits of Eastern White Pine. This is an amazing ally and helps prevent winter's potential health woes.


White Pine Needle Tea/Decoction

Add to a blend. Seriously, drop a few needles in an unsuspecting cup, stir, and enjoy the taste and wellness benefits. Organic maple syrup and mint are excellent companions to White Pine.

Although time in the woods is a significant health, emotional, and spiritual boost, you don't have to always go on a trek to gather White Pine. As a matter of fact, don't do that unless you're in a pinch.

Simply take note of the weather. When it has been windy, go for a nice walk amongst the tree council and gather the fallen twigs.

You can access your massive walk-in cooler (or freezer) if you live somewhere cold, like NH.

Find a place "out there" to stash the twigs/branches. I hang mine on an available branch nearby. Then, when it gets warmer, rinse the remaining twigs/needles you have collected and put them in the freezer for future use.

Stay healthy.

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Image: Wikimedia Commons


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