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The Sweetness of Summer and Self Care

Lavender Love     (CC0)
Lavender Love (CC0)

If you are stressed, depleted, sore, anxious, or in recovery (of any kind), consider soaking in an herbal tea bath.

Today, I spent time in the fields of Marigold Moon gathering herbs (both wild and domestic) and, of course, berries. I did a little weeding of weeds.

It was a typical July day, reaching at least 80°F. Still experiencing lingering effects of the winter illness that plagued me, I sometimes tire easier than in the past. Today was one of those days.

As a rather pretty bee and I took turns following one another from one blossom to the next, I realized how I had forgotten a possibility. I make teas, oils, balms, tinctures, and even cookies and cakes; how could I have forgotten the power of an herbal tea bath?

First, decide which wild, organic botanical blends you wish to include in your infusion. Pick them, or you can use dried herbs. It's high summer, so I prefer to use fresh material. Place them in a cotton muslin bag with a drawstring and gently squeeze to help release the goodness. Drape it over the faucet to allow the hot water to run through it as you draw your bath. Think of it as creating tea in the tub. Some people actually prefer to make a pot of tea and add it to the bath water. It's your choice.

Like a typical pot of tea, let it steep. I do this for at least 10 minutes with very hot water. Today I used the following fresh plant matter:

Lavender Flowers

Yarrow Flowers and Leaf

Red Clover Blossoms



St John's Wort

Violet Leaf

Please note that I am not referring to essential oils. This is an herbal tea bath with fresh (or dried) plants.

Be mindful of your allergies and skin sensitivities when selecting your herbal bath tea bag. If you wish to pamper your skin more, add a tablespoon of organic unrefined coconut oil.

To add another layer of healing and relaxation to your experience, choose your favorite music, light a candle, and turn off cell phones and other devices.

In my practice, I choose plants with medicinal properties.

Enjoy your time of self-care. Remember to love yourself as much as you do others.


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