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The Other Side of a Blue Moon

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

Full Moon Reflection
Full Moon Reflection

Left unguarded, we have come perilously close to losing each other. With it comes the danger of loss of self. We must remain rooted in the nourishing brown earth, avoiding the perils of being ripped from the once-fertile fields of possibilities, tumbling into the abyss of bleakness.

During recent times, we have grown, learned, and uncovered hard-earned survival skills. We have looked into the mirror to find the eyes of ourselves looking back in newly-birthed wisdom. These skills are gifts, a testament to our will to endure.

Tomorrow is yet another beginning. How we process this speaks to how we will endure. Do we act from and dwell in our hearts? It is my hope that we remember to reach into our well of insight and shine our light. Listen closely to your voice and the voice of Mother Earth. Take in the breath of life that sustains. How we rise up after this event, the lessons we take from it, and the wisdom gained and shared is a pilgrimage of unprecedented transformation.

Choose love. Trust your intuition, new insight, and strengths that have been brought into the light. May peace be with you. We are one.

In Lak'ech Ala K'in ~ I am another yourself, Mayan Wisdom.

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02 नव॰ 2020

Change is coming. It's how one deals with the outcome that determines ones path. I choose light.

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