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Marya of the Wood: Healing in the Wild

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

Mullein, Mj Pettengill
Mullein, Mj Pettengill

When you read the narrative of Nellie (Nanatasis), you will become aware of the many plant medicines that she uses in her healing practice. Before writing Etched in Granite, I was aligned with local plants. However, in my quest for authenticity in the written word, I focused my research on local indigenous healing practices. This is also connected to my own ancestry. I have taken herbalism classes, tailoring the curriculum to local plants rather than purchasing material from other parts of the globe. The healing plants here are abundant. I am a wildcrafter and each plant is gathered and prepared by me. I have a little studio in the woods. I love this space. It's where I store plants, prepare medicine, drink wild tea, and sell books. I also write here. I have been in my studio for almost a decade. It is now winterized. Hooray! Recently, there has been an increase in people seeking assistance in lung health, anti-viral, anxiety, sleeplessness, immunity building, digestive issues, and more. Today, I am highlighting mullein. Long-term, daily mask-wearing has brought about an increase in stress on the lungs. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mullein plant medicinals are available at Marigold Moon Wildcraft Apothecary. With the current circumstances regarding lung health, long-term mask-wearing, and respiratory illnesses, mullein is an essential ally. Not only effective for the lungs, it is also used for muscle strains, sprains, swelling, alignment, post-op, injuries. And the flower oil is also excellent for addressing earaches.

It is available in tea, oil, balm, and tincture form.

My ancestors used mullein in their smoke blends for healing the lungs. It acts as an expectorant.

This year, I infused mullein with Nellie's Cold and Flu.

If you are interested in this essential ally (and countless others), please send a message to arrange an appointment. I am in North Sandwich, NH. I am participating in "Christmas in the Village" on December 5th and 6th from 10:00 - 4:00. More information will be forthcoming.

Be well. Mj (Maryjane)

Marigold Moon Wildcraft Apothecary, Mj Pettengill
Marigold Moon Wildcraft Apothecary, Mj Pettengill

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20 лист. 2020 р.

I'd be interested in the Mullein plant medicinal. If you still have some. Is Christmas in the village in Sandwich?

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