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About Eve: Stand in Your Truth

Earth Love CCO
Earth Love CCO

I fell asleep to the sound of rain on the roof. During other seasons, this is of great comfort. However, not now, not here. One of my final thoughts before drifting into the dream state was that it must change back to snow. I cannot embrace January in New Hampshire without it. I got to bed much later than usual because I had fallen asleep while listening to a podcast about the Gnostic Gospels. Did I mention that one of the degrees in my compass is in theology? For some reason, that part of me that is wired to hiding my light under a bushel takes the lead. Sometimes, I include this information in my bio, and other times I think that I have said enough about myself, and I skim over it.

For those who dive beneath the surface, connecting with the deeper layers of my work, you may perceive the theological undertones. Although, I am usually straightforward when I mention Eve. That is how my journey into the Nag Hammadi Texts came about—realizing so much about Eve that was not appropriately acknowledged. She invited me to go there. When I was facing massive shifts and changes in my world, I chose to dive deeply into ancient texts. I decided that instead of falling down, I would bury myself in knowledge. While some people get a physical makeover, change up their hairstyles, and transform whatever they think will bring some kind of semblance into their lives, I continued to open my mind and spirit to more learning. At the time, I believed that I was going through something terrible. With my children in tow, I was suffering, clawing my way, hand over hand, to the top of a literal mountain. I had just discovered the paupers’ cemetery, ended my music career and landed in the middle of my authentic self. Who was I, and where on Earth was I going? I was wrong about me. Not too far down the road of the dark night of my soul, I realized that this was the pivotal turning point in my life. This was when I had returned to the safety of the cave, the proverbial womb. It is when I thought that I was losing, but I had only just begun to see, hear, be… it is when I woke up. I was actually winning big. Sure, today I could have continued to write about the beautiful snowfall or summarized the roots of Silas or Abigail. And I will. But now, at this moment when there is no true running away, I show up in the midst of our present circumstances. I have no idea where you are coming from, and I have no interest in pushing my perceptions on anyone else. I maintain my position on the significance of sovereignty. I can only suggest that you rely on your intuition and reject fear. I know the importance of strengthening my connection with the natural world (in which I belong).

I also practice any and all forms of creative expression, while appreciating and honoring others’ work. I listen. I take the time to rest, eat well, and hydrate. I am an observer, not only of others but most importantly of myself. How does this feel? How does that look? And I remind myself of the significance of awareness over attachment—know it but do not permit it to inhabit your being. So, for you—the one reading this—I wish for peace and tranquility. I hope that you are able to stay focused on your inner-strength and knowing. It seems that what we know is falling apart. As much as that may translate to us falling apart with this external framework, don’t do it. Choose to rely on your best self. If he/she is lost, find her. Yes, that sounds so fluffy and cliché, But it’s not. If you are not one to meditate or create, then find an alternative. Change the way you frame it. So, instead of thinking that you must wear a white robe, sit in a particular pose, and empty your thoughts, just be still. Sit, stand, lie down… whatever is comfortable, and follow your breathing. Maybe in your head, or quietly, sing, recite a poem, or one single word. Just unplug from outer chaos. And one does not need to be Rembrandt, Mozart, or Dickens to create. When you re-arrange your living room, you are creating. When you bake brownies, you are creating. When you scribble on scrap paper… you are creating. So, today I will be in my studio. It is filled with my wildcrafted plant medicinals, artwork, signed copies of my books, and mostly with positive energy. I will continue working on The Crows’ Path—Book Four. If the weather clears up somewhat, folks might stop in. Whatever happens, is fine. I want to stay connected to you, but I can’t pretend that nothing is happening. It is. We all know it. How you perceive it is likely different from my view, and that’s okay. I hold you and all other beings in light. Please, please refrain from negative thoughts and actions. Practice loving-kindness and compassion. Reach out to your people. Now, I return to the nineteenth-century to report what has been lost in time and retrieve it. This is our time to bear witness. It is our time to trust ourselves to navigate what has not been faced in our lifetime or perhaps in human history as we know it. Stand in your truth. In Lak'ech Ala K’in — I am another yourself (Mayan Wisdom)

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17 Ιαν 2021

Good advice.

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