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Down from the Tree: Book Release

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

I am pleased to announce the release of Down from the Tree, Book Three in the Etched in Granite Historical Fiction Series.

It's the story of Abigail’s son, Samuel, who we came to know in the first book.

In 1878, on a poor farm in New Hampshire, lived a courageous orphan boy named Samuel.

Following the death of his mother, he is threatened to be taken away from the only home he knows.

Unworldly and innocent, he navigates merciless conditions and risks getting lost entirely, until finding comfort in a tree—a knowing tree. Legend has it that if one climbs high enough, it is possible to disappear and view the entire world. What Samuel witnesses from the heart of the tree forever changes him.

Maintaining a determined spirit, he fends for himself, piecing together clues leading to the identity of his father, the farm boss who never claimed him. Is there really such a thing as a second chance?

Destiny awaits as dark family secrets are revealed. What lies beyond the fence? Will Samuel come down from the tree?

Etched in Granite Historical Fiction Series: Book Three

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