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Your Compass Lies Deep Within

You Simply Forgot

Black Panther, Public Domain
Black Panther, Public Domain

I find power, wisdom, and guidance through the ways of animals and plants. I seek light and knowledge in the wild and trust and support Our Mother.

I carry and follow my compass, accepting that what seems like being lost is not a destination but a meaningful stop along the way. Trust yourself. Your compass resides deep within; you simply forgot.

Today's lesson illuminates the importance of not worrying about the future. With all that has unfolded, I understand that apprehension and fear might slip into our psyches. It's okay, but do not cling to it.

Acknowledge this uncertainty, thank it for any lesson it may bring, and let it go. It is not always that simple. However, awareness aids in a successful release. It often leads to healing. You might have to practice this several times to successfully send off a stubborn fear or wound that has nestled in too deeply.

It is time to remember our strengths and trust ourselves again to navigate the future safely.

Remember who you are. If it is blurred in any way, be patient. Whether in the dream state, the knowing field, or physical form, your animal guides are there when you call upon them.


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