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You Know the Way

Lost Child, Darkness    CC0
Lost Child, Darkness CC0

You have faced adversity through resilience, and when possible, attempt to resolve problems with a smile. Does it melt away fear or depression? Whether a smile is shaky or not, it shines through, mostly expressed in the eyes. We have learned to see the world and each other differently, hidden behind masks.

For those who have trouble seeing in the dark, finding your way through it has been more of a challenge. It’s part of the human experience. If you have always relied on a lantern to see, it is time to extinguish it. You may have forgotten that you know the way.

At times, I can see that you have obscured your tribulations in your heart. I may have done the same. Watching people struggle in isolation—the elders and others facing social death— has taken its toll. Yes, this is not new, but it is amplified.

We have been asked to trust more than one could imagine, now understanding what was meant by the thinning of the veil. But were we prepared for what we have seen and that which continues to unfold?

Hopefully, the answer, in time, is yes. No matter how many times it takes, remember to pause, to go within for grounding. Protect yourself by unplugging from an overabundance of news.

Try to imagine this time as leaving the dark, quiet womb and traveling through the birth canal. Here, the darkness may seem to be overwhelming, perceived as a lack of light. There is a great deal of pressure and pain. In fact, birth is quite messy.

What lies ahead is a world of infinite possibilities. It is you who will shine your light for you and those who are suffering. Do not underestimate your power. If you are struggling, reach out. Find your allies, your tribe. You are not alone.

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Mar 13, 2021


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