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Who Are These Numbered Souls? Number 185 Reclaimed

Herald Angel, Etched in Granite
Herald Angel, Etched in Granite

Today is cause for celebration. A person from Tennessee contacted me in search of his ancestor. He provided a digital image of documentation of her being an inmate at the Carroll County Almshouse. With that information, I easily found his long-lost ancestor who was buried at the Carroll County Farm Cemetery. I am pleased that Roxana Jackson—Number 185—in the "Book of Numbered Souls," has been reclaimed. Listed as a resident of Wakefield, NH, she died on December 17, 1904. This is the reason that, on that raw March day, everything changed. I stopped what I was doing, or thought that I was doing, and embraced the unknown world that beckoned. I answered the call. I dared to go there. I take a deep bow to all that guided me. Welcome home, Roxana. Hallelujah! Mj Pettengill


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