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What if He Doesn't show?

Abigail's Heart

Young Woman,Scrapbook Design, CC0
Young Woman, Scrapbook Design, CC0

I peered out the window. It was the last hayin’ of the season. Moses was with his team of oxen in the field workin’ with Weston, who was present almost every day, even when there was no work. I knew he had taken a fancy to me. He was an agreeable fellow, but I had given my whole heart to Silas. After all that had taken place, I admit that I did look forward to our conversations.

I did not see or hear Mrs. Blake around. I carried my barn boots and walked as quietly as possible on the creaky stairs. I had fifteen minutes until I would meet Silas at our secret spot behind the barn. I gasped at the sight of Mrs. Blake headin’ for the pottin’ shed. When I realized that she did not see me, my breathin’ returned to normal.

The wind picked up as I neared our spot – an old oak tree with a big rock beneath it at the edge of the field. We discovered this place a few years before when he was showin’ me the progress of the barn.

I sat on the rock, leaned against the tree, and wiggled my toes in the silky grass. The song of a chick-a-dee alternated with jinglin’ oxen chains. My mouth was dry, and my stomach overwrought with anticipation.

The fog gave way to a vivid blue sky with not a cloud in sight. At least one hour passed, and Silas did not arrive. I imagined that he must have been workin’ hard at the County Farm. I continued to wait and think of reasons to remain composed.

I waited until the sun started closin’ in on the ridge before I accepted that he would not come. I surrendered to an abundance of tears. I had barely moved durin’ my wait, and the chill had set deeply into my bones. I walked away from our spot. All strength was gone. Abigail Hodgdon ~ 1872 ~ Etched in Granite ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Abigail's heart beats within. The elements of life and love resonate long after the book is closed. There are so many lessons here.

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Feb 14, 2021


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