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Venturing Into the Deeps

The Cave, Woman   CC0
The Cave, Woman CC0

If your insight, instincts, and intuition are intact, then you may be in the midst of cracking open. If you dare trust yourself, this is an incredible opportunity. I speak on my own behalf. The learning has been both trying and immeasurable. Witnessing and supporting those who elected to face their demons, summoning the courage to venture into the deeps can be harrowing. Much like birth, it is messy but beyond remarkable.

When what you thought you knew becomes unrecognizable, gone, or no longer serves you, you wake up in a strange new world, forced to redefine your purpose. That is only if you are brave. The other option is to ride it out, not accepting the massive changes, believing that it will all return to normal soon. That normal is gone.

For a while, I was engaged in the writing process of my fourth book. It always takes time to pen this series—waiting for the chatter to subside and choose the narrators. There are so many possibilities. With the cancel culture in full swing, I hesitated, questioning a few of the characters who were waiting for their turn to tell their stories. That pause was a waste of time. No fear. No politics. The truth wins.

The point of my work is to acknowledge those intentionally forgotten, omitted, and edited out of the records—history. I cannot speak for other countries, but America is famous for rewriting history. Indeed, this cannot come as a surprise. We are witnessing this act now. History is written by the elite, the so-called winners—patriarchal corporatists. This is why it is vital in my research to rely on firsthand accounts of commoners—ordinary folks. Diaries, letters, and real-time newspaper articles are often incredibly raw and reliable.

After getting used to no more orchestras, wearing out Celtic cello music, and finally returning to painting, I came to my senses… sort of. I miss my loved ones who live far away. I focus on trust. After the crumbling away of many dying systems, we will rise up out of the ashes.

Of course, I will not allow fear or oppression to interfere with my work. The folks that have stories to tell have boldly shown up. I am engaged in research and moving ahead on the timeline. I promised them—the 298—that I would share their stories as they continue to emerge. I changed my life path to do so.

The Good News?

I miss interacting with readers. There is value in book signings and presentations; it is motivating and inspiring. It has been well over a year since I have been out there with my work. I thought about having a podcast, but I had no internet until a few months ago. That in itself is worth celebrating. I have hobbled along for over a decade with little or no internet connection. I’m beyond grateful.

I’m pleased to announce that I will be doing a book signing at the Country Seller Bookstore in Wolfeboro, NH, on May 29th from 11:00 - 1:00. I can hardly wait.

Now, I must return to 1878. Samuel, Agnes, Sarah, and the others have been waiting patiently.


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