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The Magic of the Blues

Blueberry Magic
Blueberry Magic

I am grateful for blueberries.

Sweet or not, these berries are a gift.

They are emerging in the fields of Marigold Moon, mountain paths, and on the shores of local lakes and ponds.

I like picking them for countless reasons, but I always remember to save some for other inhabitants, both wild and otherwise. This is aligned with the wildcrafter's promise and code.

Blueberries can be used fresh, frozen, or dried/dehydrated. If they have any greenish or red hue, they are not ready. Wait and pick them when they are very dark-colored.

I make mouth-watering blueberry jam. Everything else is an extra gift.

Then there are the leaves. You can use them fresh or dried. I prefer to gather them when the leaves turn reddish in the autumn to add to a tea blend or create an extract.

Blueberries help treat neurodegenerative diseases, reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, and help with allergy-related inflammation.

The leaves are high in antioxidants (more than the fruit itself)and a whole lot of other benefits.

The simple act of picking them on a bright, warm summer day is its own form of healing.

So Much Love


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