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The Doctrine of Signatures

Lungs Like Trees    (Pinterest)
Lungs Like Trees (Pinterest)

Today, filled with glee and gratitude, I gathered elderberries. Over the past few years, the fields of Marigold Moon have undergone many changes that have required extra care and nurturing. I am delighted to see an abundance of berries—more than enough for the birds and me.

The Doctrine of Signatures is recognized by scholars of ethnobotany, wildcrafters, and herbal medicine practitioners, indicating that plants have a characteristic—color, texture, shape, scent, and the environment where they inhabit—that bears a resemblance to the organs and diseases they heal.

The stems of the elderberries look like lungs. Of course, elderberry is not limited to healing and maintaining lung health alone; its benefits are many.

I decided to share this aspect of the miracle of plants to illuminate the likeness of the stems of elderberries with lungs. It is a clear example of the Doctrine of Signatures. I'm sure many of you have seen this miraculous aspect of our natural world.

Keep this in mind when you look at healing plants. They provide clues to what they benefit.

Elderberry Stems
Elderberry Stems

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