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The Benefits of a Simple Orange

Orange Peel     CCO    (Mj Pettengill)
Orange Peel CCO (Mj Pettengill)

There are countless ways to tap into the benefits of oranges and other citrus fruit. I have shared many recipes and procedures over the years. Here is another.

Orange (peel/oil) extract or tincture has dramatically benefited those whose cough has leaned into bronchitis or the like. A simple way to enjoy the benefits of this super fruit is by adding the peel to any tea blend.

Orange is highly effective for the recent lingering upper respiratory infection.

Please don't wait for it to get that intense. This is so easy; it brings a smile while typing.

Select your "organic" orange. You can use more than one or do this each time someone in the house has an orange.

Run the unpeeled fruit under warm water, and pour about a teaspoon of baking soda into the palm of your hand. Rub it on the orange skin to remove any toxins used to preserve even organic fruit.

Time to make medicine. Using a zester is the best method. It's essential only to get the outer peel, not the white pith—the substance between the outer peel and the fruit.

Most people throw away the pith. Yes, it's bitter tasting, but so what. Right? We can deal with that when it comes to supporting our immune systems. You can leave the pith on to protect the orange in the refrigerator until it's time for consumption. Or, collect the pith and, set it aside, refrigerate until you can toss it into a smoothie. Please don't throw it away, and then buy supplements.

You have what you need.

So, I urge you to keep the white pith. It contains calcium, fiber, vitamin C, and immune-boosting flavonoids. It peels off easily on its own with your fingers.

Now you can place the orange zest in a porcelain souffle cup; please be sure to cover it lightly with wax paper. Every now and then, check to see if the zest has dried. When it has dried, place it in a zip-lock freezer bag and freeze. Use when needed.

When would that be, and how?

Imagine the small orange (citrus) chips for flavor and vitamin supplementation. Add them to various tea blends for a surge of citrus taste and increased health benefits.

Possible additions for a super tea blend: Fresh Ground Ginger Turmeric Cinnamon Mint White Pine or Hemlock Needles Maple Syrup / Honey / Licorice Root

If you wish to prepare a tincture or extract, you can zest as indicated above. Allow the zest/peel to dry for a full day. Place in a glass jar, and using your preferred menstruum and method, set aside. That is for another day.

Be wild, be well, and be wise. #herbal #wildcraft #selfcare #oranges #medicinal

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10 feb 2023

I was salivating as I read that and will certainly try it. Thanks for the suggestion!

Me gusta
10 feb 2023
Contestando a

JB- It's so simple and effective. :-)

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