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Studio Event / Books & Nature's Merries

Studio, Marigold Moon Wildcraft Apothecary
Studio, Marigold Moon Wildcraft Apothecary

Over the years, I have participated in "Christmas in The Village" in Center Sandwich, New Hampshire. I was stationed at the Historical Society and, more recently, at Surroundings Art Gallery. Due to the present circumstances, the event is taking place at individual locations. In addition to my wildcrafted products, I created a book corner in my studio — Marigold Moon Wildcraft Apothecary (and North Sandwich Tea).

I usually have my books on hand in the studio. In preparation for this event, I set up the photographic displays as well. The other half of the studio is abundant with wildcrafted plants for blending artisan and medicinal teas, tinctures, oils, and balms.

Marigold Moon Wildcraft Apothecary
Marigold Moon Wildcraft Apothecary

Because of the mask-wearing situation, I will not be serving wild tea as I usually do. This is an opportunity for folks to stop in and get signed copies of books in the Etched in Granite Historical Fiction Series. Also, I will have many teas and "merries," as Abigail would say, and as expressed in the narrative of Nellie, aligned with my ancestors. Everything offered in my apothecary is gathered on the land here and by me. I do not buy herbs, only carrier oils, and alcohol for tinctures. I prepare various blends for wellness, immunity strengthening, building, and maintenance. I also focus on anxiety, sleeping, relaxation, and meditation blends, local smudge material, and the like. Our Mother offers what is needed. The plants are our allies and volunteer for our healing. If you are around the village over the weekend, please stop in. I am located at 620 North Sandwich Road, North Sandwich, New Hampshire. I'll be there from 10:00 - 3:00 on Saturday and Sunday ~ December 5th and 6th. After this, I will return to the hermitess mode, writing The Crows' Path, Book Four in the series. Many thanks for your support. I am grateful, and I wish you all the best.



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