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So Now, I Pray for You

As I sit here trying to write, even visiting some of my past work to borrow from previous creative days, I am at a loss. This is not new. We all go through it at different times, in various ways.

Usually, when my words are trapped deep within, I accept being in the void. Playing music, painting, or going for a walk often assists in bringing about a flow. It is far from perfect, but for me, the process is usually effective. Today was different. It’s likely because too many emotions, thoughts, and ideas were trying to emerge. Attempting to harness words, to express what was coming through, was much like trying to pour Niagara Falls into a Dixie cup. The spillage was unmanageable. Somehow, it is all or nothing. When reading through my old journals, I was brought to my knees. Of course, now, most of us are there—taken aback by the uncertainty and conflicting information in our midst—chaos. So, this is what crumbling and falling apart looks like? No matter which screen you are watching, the events unfolding are there for us to witness. What you see and what I see are likely contrasting. Then again, we may be aligned. It’s hard to know, and frankly, it’s not important. This is the human experience bundled up in time—evolution.

The events that are put out there for viewing are disturbing at best. I, for one, watch almost no news. I dropped that from my world some time ago. I gather enough information for awareness—what is being fed to us from all sides of the spectrum.

Then, I unplug, allowing emotions that are triggered to arise before safely letting go. Oh, it doesn’t always happen without effort. Certain emotions leave an imprint, but I am aware and will take the necessary actions to move them along. The most important aspect of this process, for me, is awareness rather than attachment.

Yes, I see this or that, and then I allow it to simmer and bubble before letting go. This is not always easy, but it is a conscious act. To not do this is to leak out your energy, rendering you weak, just a shadow of your fullest self.

If my response to what I learn is daunting, I examine why I am being affected as much as I am. Is it the information itself? Is there something that I see in myself that needs attention? Or is it the fallout that seems to be waiting at every turn? Something that I have been holding in a sacred space is the escalating hate, distrust, and division. I crave healing. Most of this is steeped in fear and uncertainty. Can we believe our eyes? Can we believe our ears? Our dreams and visions seem to be fading into the fog. What happens next? For me, I will continue to believe in a Divine Plan. Whatever unfolds is meant to be. We carry the outcome in our hearts. How we respond to the unthinkable, each other, and ourselves is vital in creating our own future. This is not new. Everyone knows that we create our own reality. It’s a saying that we have seen almost too much. What does it mean? Did you consider how that might work?

So now, I pray for you, the one reading this, for those wearing a uniform, sworn to protect and serve; for healers, mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters. Please protect the aged, the weak, the babies, and children. Guide those who are lost and those who think they are found; may they shine their lights about us all for guidance. As I have often said, the way out is in. You have all that you need inside of you. Go there. Pull away from the outer chatter and dwell in silence. No, you don’t need to wear a white robe or sit in a particular pose. Just allow yourself time to reflect quietly. Maybe you can listen to the sounds of the natural world—the waves, wind, snow falling gently on the field. Or perhaps you may find peace in tranquil music. The point is to reclaim your power by returning to your center. Reel it in and claim it. It’s yours. Wherever you may be, I offer my best to you. Please take care—rest, hydrate, and most of all, remember to love yourself more than you ever have before. There is no room for hate. We have been there and done that. It is time to remove ourselves from the arena, and whatever falls apart must do so. We will know what to do when the time is upon us. Until then, be whole, and shine your beautiful light. We were meant for these times.


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