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Nurturing Your Creative Inner Garden

Surreal Book Image, CCO
Surreal Book Image, CCO

A writer's life tends to be solitary. I would not have it any other way. I signed up for it. To me, my sacred space and solitude is a gift. I am a perennial hermitess. I expand and reach out with my creative expression in my books, music, and wildcraft. It is where I am meant to be, and I love it. I cannot adequately explain how grateful I am when I receive acknowledgment, kind words, and support. This is vital in any and all facets of life for us all. It is much like tending to your inner garden and watching it grow. Recently, I was honored to be the subject of a blog by a friend who actively provides feedback and insight into my work. For me, this is a valuable gift that I cherish. I am sharing a link to this blog. He reviews the first two books in the Etched in Granite Series: Book One and The Angels' Lament. His meaningful words provide nutrients, water, and light for my Duende — Creative Spirit. I wish to thank him, for it is this type of sustenance that brings forth a full bouquet of what I carry within. When I feel parched, simple, positive, and honest words will often fill me up. May his words be as inspirational to you as they are to me. Thank you, Peter.


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14 okt. 2020

I am honored.

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