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Mittens: Warm Hands, Warm Heart

Handcrafted Mittens
Handcrafted Mittens

When fully recognized, a good pair of mittens go beyond the hands and warm the heart. I know this from as far back as I can remember. My mother used to knit our hats, mittens, and stockings. Because of this, even in the depths of winter, I was almost always warm. All of her knitted gems seemed to come to a point, and she liked to add stripes to the bottom of whatever it was that she made. Looking back, I can safely say that my sisters and I resembled elves, and we were okay with it.

I volunteer at the local Food Pantry. Last week, I was moved when a fellow worker pointed out that her sister had knitted mittens to give away to those who came for food. What a compassionate and kind act! Not only are mittens essential here in the depths of a frigid New Hampshire winter, but the quality of these mittens is high. The wearer of such mittens will, without question, be toasty.

Of course, we could provide store-bought mittens, but those crafted by hand offer much more warmth and stability. To me, it is because the intent—the act itself—is an act of goodwill.

I know that some of you are wondering what I mean. Mittens are mittens, right? Well, not really. When an individual sets out to create something such as mittens for complete strangers, the forethought can only be born of a pure heart. The crafting is the culmination of caring hands. The thought is the expansion of sharing and community. This is who we are, what we strive for, and where we will find true peace.

I am grateful to be reminded of how a simple act of generosity and selflessness can bring about a chain reaction. The warmth generated by the making of the mittens, from sharing to wearing, is a positive sign that we, as beings, are alive and well. As long as some continue to think beyond the self and operate from the heart, there will always be hope. There is love in those mittens.

Thank you for the expression of genuine compassion in times of uncertainty. Warm hands, warm heart. Your efforts do not go unnoticed.


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