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Marya of the Wood: In the Wilds of North Sandwich

Woman in the Wild (Pixabay)
Woman in the Wild (Pixabay)

It's that time of year again—autumn wildcrafting and winter preparation. Sometimes, I refer to this time as last-minute shopping (even though I am not a fan of shopping). If you know where to look, you will find some outstanding deals. Just roll up your sleeves and get into the dirt.

It seems as if the past greening and flowering season came and went so quickly, I can hardly keep track of the bundles hanging from the beams. Now, as most flowers have faded and wilted, the plant energy has efficiently returned to the roots.

Although there is a crop of enduring last-minute ticks arriving on the scene, it is gloriously un-buggy in the fields of Marigold Moon. I am ever so grateful for the magnificent medicinal plants that showed up as helpers. I have never seen so much St. John's Wort as I did this season. It's so wild that our leafed companions know when and where to take root. The benefits are immeasurable.

Not counting my days as a maiden child, I've been wandering these woods for over a decade now. It's a neverending adventure of exploring, celebrating, forging uncommon bonds, and wildcrafting medicinal plants. There have been mishaps and victories, all part of reclaiming your place in the wild. For all of it, I give thanks.

As most are aware, cold and flu season is upon us, with or without the present circumstances. I have been providing immunity strengthening medicinals for many years now. For those of you who usually order, I wish to let you know that I am ready.

The elderberry-based medicinals are long-prepared. I will gladly take pre-orders for Nellie's Cold and Flu. That is a water-based decoction; I make it in batches and don't ship it. I ship most other products. And yes, this tasty brew honors the healer and essential soul in the Etched in Granite Historical Fiction Series. Some of you may recall that one of the elders she cared for exclaimed that this tea tastes like Christmas. I agree. It is also an excellent alternative for those who wish to refrain from alcohol-based medicine/immunity boost.

I have a special announcement for those who have found the ultimate relaxation from Marigold Moon's Dream Balm. I have more, freshly crafted balm, in stock. It's beneficial in releasing stress, finding calm, meditation, and peace, and summoning lucid dreams. There are also dream pillows available with or without the dreaming plant (mugwort) and filled solely with the love of lavender.

Back to the roots, I have been digging many: Burdock, Dandelion, Solomon Seal, Mullein, Yarrow, Curled Dock, and more. It's such an exciting season.

Much of what I carry is beneficial in treating winter-like illnesses. Still, I have rich, aromatic beverage tea blends as well. Everything is ethically gathered here in the wilds of North Sandwich.

Sure, I will miss the flowers and plants, but I understand it is time for slumber. The days shorten, and the temperatures drop. Our leafed, furred, and feathered brothers and sisters know to pull back, retreating into the earth, the muck in the bottom of the pond, and curl up in the quintessential cave.

We, too, must know when to inhabit the cycles and seasons. Yes, there is less light. It is time to rest, to reflect on the past season, find the creative, dark womb, and curl up beside the fire. We are nature. Now we shall dream, nourish, and practice self-care.

However, if you are troubled during the shorter days, if lack of sunlight is a challenge, many have found upliftment from the lovely St. John's Wort.

I could write another book here, but I won't (but book four is coming, and I sell my signed books in the studio). I am sharing the news that my apothecary is brimming. Being with the plants—rewilding—is an act of love. My time spent in the woods is unlike any other time.

So, here is a shout-out to those who wish to order Nellie's, Three Sisters, and more. I make it ahead of time according to orders so that it is as fresh as possible.

You may send me an email, text, or call as indicated on the site and leave a message. I set appointments and will be opening on weekends soon. I think that the boating and barbecues are waning; make room for snowy, good things.

Winter is coming!

Be wild, cozy, and well.

Marigold Moon Wildcraft Apothecary
Marigold Moon Wildcraft Apothecary


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