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Marigold Moon Wildcraft Apothecary Workshop: The Art of Wild Tea

The Art of Wild Tea: Wildcrafting in New Hampshire Workshop / Facilitator: Mj Pettengill Embrace the nature of our cycles and seasons while discovering the art of creating wild, locally harvested tea for beverage and medicinal purposes. Identify familiar, local plants traditionally used for various teas, infusions, and decoctions. Learn the essence of the wildcrafter’s promise and code—emphasizing the principles of ethical and sustainable wildcrafting, vital to perpetuating the continued proliferation of healing plants into the future—an act of kindness, honor, gratitude, and respect to our plant families.

Learn the difference between lunar and solar-infused teas. Unlock the secrets of wild herbs, medicine, and culinary accents used by wise healers from centuries ago—traditional indigenous healing practices and local folk remedies. Go underground and tap into ancient roots.

Wrapped within the stability of the fertile fields and woods around us, wildcrafting is a pathway to self-care. As the plants ripen and flowers boast their fragrant blossoms, awaken to the possibilities that lead to re-wilding: awareness and self-maturation merging today’s energies with the ancient past. Reclaim a place in it.

We cover activities in the field—preparation, drying, storing, crushing, when to use fresh or dry, and how to accomplish this.

Know tools, guides, and apps for identification. Familiarity with plants is imperative to avoid dangerous look-a-likes. We will learn about endangered, threatened, or sensitive plants. This workshop will take place in North Sandwich, NH. Directions and additional information are provided upon registration. Inquiries via this site, Facebook, and email:


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