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Ice Out on the Pond

A Pond in North Sandwich, NH
A Pond in North Sandwich, NH

We are almost there. Where?

Ice out on the primary lakes is a big deal in this part of New Hampshire. People place bets and follow the news to know of the monumental date and time when the ice clears out of the bay. Here, in the fields of Marigold Moon, is a lovely pond. Throughout all seasons, there is much activity. Now, it is time to observe when the ice breaks apart and melts. There is usually a connection between ice out and the arrival of the peepers. They are in the pond and vernal pool. I was out this morning checking on the progress, and we are halfway there. Many shifts and changes come with the seasons here in New Hampshire. With the melting away of the ice, there are promises of new life, birth, and rebirth. In the past, after serious research, I welcomed a beaver, snapping and painted turtles, ducks, geese, and a healthy community of banjo frogs. This being a spring-fed pond, we also see a fair number of small fish. The rock in the middle is a perfect spot for sunning. Many creatures have enjoyed this. With so much wildlife in the vicinity, it's a popular area for birds of prey. I spend a great deal of time watching and listening to their calls. Many homes in town have ponds on the property. I have always enjoyed them. Are you keeping an eye on this? Are you ready? Soon many of our wild neighbors—moose, foxes, coyotes, deer, and more—will come down from the mountains and out of the deep woods to partake in the new season. I am grateful for this experience.


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