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I Long to Know...

Winter Serenity   (CC0)
Winter Serenity (CC0)

I Long to Know the Hidden Truth

by Mj Pettengill

I stand amidst the falling snow, deep within myself. Wintering has become a challenge. I call upon the ancient mother that resides in me—the old soul that has offered guidance since before birth.

She leads me back to the womb, a place that exists outside of time and awaits the return of its daughter. I crawl back inside, where the maternal spirit wraps itself around that which remains.

Winter is winter. It just is.

I live in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and am blessed. Countless lakes, rivers, ponds, and mountains offer abundant trails and sacred spaces for exploring and nestling. Woven into the fabric of the dense woods are healing plants, mosses, and stonewalls that begin and end with no reason. They beg to tell us their stories if only we would stop long enough to listen.

© Marya of the Wood


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