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Honoring Elders Project

Elderly in Time, CCO
Elderly in Time, CCO

I am beginning a new project. It has been percolating for a while now. If you know of someone, an elder over age 65, who would be interested in an interview, or perhaps this is you, please send me a message.

As time marches on, it is clear that respecting and honoring our elders has waned into non-existence. As a well-known therapist stated yesterday, disrespecting, or the basic unacknowledging of elders in our society has become an epidemic. Women or mothers are at the forefront of this dissing in our social structure for some reason. It's real. I see it often.

I will take the time to interview seniors—both women and men. I wish to give them the respect to share their incredible knowledge based on their experiences through wars, depressions, recessions, and more. What was it like to wear nylons with seams down the back? How did it feel to see a boy scout walking down the street, pulling a wagon, collecting scrap metal during WWII?

These people and their experiences are valid. They are part of our collective past, from where we came. I'm not sure how I'm going to conduct the interviews. This is in the planning stages.

What do I have in mind in doing this project?

Read on.

Ways to Honor and Respect Elders

1) Spend Time With Them

2) Listen Intently

3) Be Polite and Respectful

4) Ask For Advice

5) Eat Together

6) Discuss Ancestry, Family Heritage, History, and Traditions

7) Call or Visit Them

8) Express Your Appreciation For Their Experience and Wisdom

If you are interested in participating in an interview, please send an email or message as indicated in the contact portion of this website.

Sisters, Vintage Photo
Sisters, Vintage Photo


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