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Beneath the Shadow of Its Leaf

Violet, Public Domain
Violet, Public Domain

I looked out the window and thought that I saw a small bird in the tall grass. I smiled and waited for it to show itself. A slight breeze rolled down the slope of the hill, revealing that it was a violet blossom hidden beneath the shadow of its leaf. I thanked it just the same. Either way, it is a gift to be acknowledged. As I navigate this stretch of my life-altering journey, I must remind myself of the importance of self-nourishment. Often, when experiencing a massive shift or lost in my own world, I can temporarily lose that place of nourishment—applicable to mind, body, and spirit. There is immeasurable power in the land. In my longing—viewed through a window into a world where I was once deeply rooted, I dream. Drenched in the tick repellent that I blended, I enter into the outer limits, smelling like a lemon lollipop. It works. I might have one or two of these creatures wandering the landscape of my body instead of a dozen, which was how it used to be.

One step at a time, I remind myself while practicing the art of healing. The emotional effects of last summer’s Lyme event—fear of disease-carrying ticks—lingered longer than anticipated. I re-root myself back into the earth, inviting intended lessons to emerge, embracing a new level of gratitude. The under-appreciated weeds wave their leafy arms, signaling their arrival, awakening my senses. It is time to expand my morning walks, daring to venture beyond the safe bird-feeding stations, entering into the fields and ancient wooded hills. This path is worth fighting for—the soul-searching landscape that awaits. For within the ever-changing and flickering light is where hope and mystery await.


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