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A Shout Out to the Frogs (Future Princes)

Frogs, Amphibians - Public Domain
Frogs, Amphibians - Public Domain

We often express gratitude for obvious things like family, chocolate, and sunsets. Last night, while out walking, the sweet sounds of the peepers reminded me of how grateful I am for the frogs (all species here).

This morning, while being swarmed by mosquitoes akin to an Alfred Hitchcock movie, I thought of this—the miracle of frogs and others like them—once again. Surrounded by various water sources, it is an all-you-can-eat buffet for insectivores.

I continue to overcome my anxiety about my infected tick bite last summer—the fight against Lyme disease. I have seen an improvement after using the tick repellent that I created. It's more effective than I imagined it would be. I find myself limiting my time in the wild, which is so unlike me. After all, many valuable plants are showing up as edibles and medicine. It will never cease to amaze me (in the worst way) how a tiny insect is loaded with a life-altering bacterium. Avoiding the rabbit hole (there may be ticks in there as well), I ask, how did this happen? There are many interesting theories, all aligned with other familiar experiments gone horribly wrong. In any event, the forsythia blossoms have passed, signaling the arrival of mosquitoes. The black flies and mosquitoes share the feast until the black flies exit, which will be soon. Bravo! Soon the dragonflies will show up. If you are still and trust them, they come in like bomber squadrons and pluck the blood-thirsty bugs off you. It's great. I am grateful for them as well.

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