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A Hole in the Sky

Winter Moon
Winter Moon

The valiant moon flickered in lines on my wall.

I feared that it may disappear in January’s bottomless crack

Left along the edges of winter’s womb.

I asked it to stay

Afraid of the darkness that would have been left behind—

A hole in the sky where the stars once sparkled.

It was a dream-filled night.

And I had lost my way.

Yet I knew where I was all along.

I only had to remember who I was.

My father came to me in my dreams.

He did not speak.

He wanted me to know that I was not alone.

I asked him where the cardinal was.

His eyes told me; it never went away.

It’s always with you, Maryjane. You know this and carry it in your heart.

Admiring the frost, shivering, soaked in a feverish sweat,

I stood before the window,

Searching for the fox or coyote

Within the moon shadows.

How I longed to see them gracefully dashing across

The snowy-white bosom of Our Mother.

My eyes sparkled like diamonds.

My forest friends are always with me.

I know them in my heart.

—A place where they reside,

Where they come to me in a vision

Rarely acknowledged, yet always honored.

Outside my window

The icicles hung from glorious trees.

Glimmering, sparkling,

Flickering shadows,

Medicine and fire,

Radiate secrets tucked away in love and silver.

Father, will the angels come for me?

The ones that I said to never fear?

As they break apart,

Fragile gifts ready to unhide

Opening the door to my heart.

Cradling lost secrets.

Is death so cold?

So bitter?

Love and truth come through with each breath.

God and the angels promise to return

All the lost secrets— dreaming their way home

I will once again be whole.

What was unleashed upon us

Only shows

Who we are

And what not to fear.

Dear Lord, hold my spirit in Thy bosom

A life that is so dear.

©January 18, 2022 Maryjane Pettengill (Covid Illness)


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